Street Fighter V’s sponsored ads are already a mess

Street Fighter V, as of yesterday, implemented a huge 16GB update that rolled out brand new features, most of which are related to the upcoming Capcom Cup and… the much dreaded sponsored ads. I’ve already discussed at length how I personally feel about the prospect of sponsored material being in a premium priced game, so I want to talk about the quality of the ads themselves.

It’s not a good prognosis.



As talked about before, the mere look of the ads on the outfits is just… ugly, and truly an eyesore. Big logos get plastered in the most noticeable parts of every fighter’s gear, and most have some smaller logo on the shoulders or the fists, depending on who they are.

On top of just making the character models ugly, though, it’s so easily noticeable that all Capcom did was smash jpg files onto existing character models. Not only is it ugly, it’s a lazy hack-job to boot! The low-resolution jpg files stand out like crazy when you’re playing in a match, and they’re just horribly distracting in the middle of a fight in a way that simply shouldn’t be possible.

Some of the stages have also been updated to reflect the oncoming Capcom Cup- mostly stages that have access to screens. However, the most lackluster addition to the game comes in the form of the sponsored ads you can view during the loading screens.


This is literally just… a jpg file pasted on top of the usual white loading screen. As you can see here, it’s a mess full of ads for the various DLC bundles that Capcom offers for SFV right now. There’s no interactivity, nothing is moving, it’s just… a still image with a stock background filled with smaller screenshots of actual content that are available on PSN or Capcom’s storefront.

The entire showcase is horrible. Multiple people have called out exactly how pointlessly gross the alteration to the art direction is, as well as how utterly lazy the attempt at marketing is as well. That Capcom couldn’t even appear to spend a minimal amount of time to even have the presentation of the ads as anything other than a single jpg file is simply astounding.

Everything about this situation is ugly, but Capcom seems prepared to body onwards with these plans. Genuinely, I feel sorry for the artists and designers who have to witness these tamperings destroy the looks they’ve worked so hard to implement.

I suppose this is the future Capcom wants to see of the franchise that helped launch it. It looks bleak.

(header image credit: @truongasm)

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