Soul Calibur 6 is getting a patch, Bandai Namco reveals release date for 2B

Since getting revealed at the end of October this year, there has been a ton of hype and confusion about the date of the inclusion of 2B to the roster of Soul Calibur 6. Well, wonder no more! 2B has now been confirmed to be coming to the game on December 18th via Bandai Namco’s website.


Strangely enough, Bandai Namco didn’t add a new section to their site… they just edited the existing news page for it. Weird.

In other big news, there’s been a new patch revealed as well! The notes are not extremely detailed, but a quick look over should prepare players for what’s to come.

First off, there are some general fixes and balances that are universal. Most of this is bug fixing, though.


The two biggest recipients of buffs are definitely Talim and Groh, but Mitsurugi and Taki also received a large number of buffs themselves. Astaroth, weirdly enough, also got some buffs, but BanNam also seems to have focused on fixing certain issues that could have been exploitable in game. Regardless, no concrete nerfs for him, so Astaroth players can rejoice. Cervantes also received a fair number of buffs, and a lot of hit detection fixes for certain attacks- particularly ones where crouching could limit his effectiveness.

Most of the other characters are fairly even in getting buffs and nerfs, but Raphael (???) received a decently large chunk of nerfs… which is weird, considering he wasn’t particularly powerful or anything. And one of the nerfs involves tracking for a pretty common rising move, but it’s kind of balanced by tracking increases to two other moves he has. On the surface, he seems like he’s being balanced to be less able to hit a moving target and more to be the defensive style fencer he may have intended to be.

While Sophitia has a decently long list of nerfs, no other character has a nerf list quite like Azwel. It’s enormous.

We’ll just have to see exactly how these changes impact the meta, though, since… the exact frame details of each buff and nerf aren’t made readily available. /sigh

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