ARIKA announces official Fighting Ex Layer merchandise

Yesterday, ARIKA announced something that was a bit of a surprise- there would be official merchandise released in Japan to support Fighting Ex Layer. Rather than detail the news fully on its own website, one of the team at ARIKA went to twitter to detail how the merch release would be handled in Japan and a step-by-step for those of us overseas:




Essentially, those of us in the West would need to utilize a service called “tenso” in order to be able to acquire the merchandise that will be readily available in Japan. This service works by ordering the item for you and holding it in a warehouse in Japan before sending the item to you via your preferred international delivery service, whether it be EMS, DHL, etc. You will need to register an account with the service before being able to order anything, so be sure to set one up if you want to order anything.

On top of this news, ARIKA also announced via Facebook that an upcoming update will address some new changes to FEXL. Some changes are exclusive to the PS4 version, and some changes are exclusive to the Arcade version of the game, so be sure to read up on the changes on ARIKA’s Facebook page for the game.

For us in the FEXL scene, this is great news! It seems to be the case that ARIKA is in a good enough financial position to order this type of merchandise, and hopefully it looks solid and stylish. While nothing is certain, one can certainly hope that this means good things for ARIKA and the FEXL scene at large. Happy shopping!

EDIT 1/9/2019 20:15EST – ARIKA tweeted earlier today that the Japanese storefront is now live! There are plenty of shirts, mugs, and other merchandise available. Check it out here!

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