Bench Trial: Washington Justice v New York Excelsior, Stage 1 Week 1

The time has finally come. After a couple of days into the season, the Justice will have their first match: an away bout against the reigning division title holders, the New York Excelsior. After a lone official scrim against the Shock and some preseason shenanigans, what should we expect from the expansion team?

Starting Roster Predictions:

DC Justice

  • Janus
  • Stratus
  • Sansam
  • Ado
  • Gido
  • Hyeonu


  • Anamo
  • JJoNaK
  • Nenne
  • Mano
  • Libero
  • Meko

Match Prediction:

The Justice are coming up against, quite possibly, the most formidable foe to face in the opening round. NYXL is coming off a win over the Boston Uprising, and while they only took 2 maps off the Uprising, they still showcased spectacular team synergy and managed to show off enough of their standard superstar power to take the win. It wasn’t their prettiest victory, but they should be plenty energized coming into this match with enough frustration from going 2-1 with motivation to want to secure that first place spot in the Atlantic. Their “warm-up” against the Uprising will likely have them ready to come in roaring.

Meanwhile, the Justice have not officially played a genuinely OWL match since their scrim loss against the San Francisco Shock. While the first map was clearly the players just having fun and rocking around Busan, the second map was very different in tone, and highlighted some potential cleanup areas in their play. Coming against NYXL, the Justice are going to need to have scrubbed those spots clean and expect to face the best the Excelsior have. It’s unlikely they secure a win, but the upset is always a possibility.

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