Fighting EX Layer receives a price cut and content update

Although Fighting EX Layer released last year, it has maintained a small but dedicated following. While the game has certainly not met sales figures of its much bigger name competition, the game has seen plenty of cult attention, even in the West. Now that 2019 has settled in, ARIKA has had to make some changes, and needs fans to help.

Although the Street Fighter EX series carries the Street Fighter name, the games were never canon and never matched the historic sales of Capcom’s franchise expectations. Despite having a sizable following, Capcom determined that it was not up to company standards and discontinued future games from the series. After releasing an April Fool’s trailer for a new EX game, however, ARIKA went full in and developed Fighting EX Layer as we know and love. And now that Feubrary of 2019 is almost over, ARIKA is continuing its involvement, but admits some changes are necessary. The studio’s PR man tweeted some announcements in Japanese that were eventually translated into English on the official FEXL Twitter:



That permanent price change is already in effect, and the patch is also live. Plenty of fans on Twitter are documenting the changes, and the existing fan base seem pretty happy with the direction the game is going. ARIKA’s transparence regarding acknowledgment of the slowdown of sales as well as discussing the game’s current meta, financial state, and future DLC plans, had me feeling appreciative. At no point has the company ever been forced to discuss how and why the game is where it is, but they talked about it anyway. The company appears to be in the total agreement that FEXL exists for the fans, and it is only through continued fan support that more content and updates can arrive.

Unlike games of much higher marketability and renown, FEXL exists as far as its own fanbase. Such is the requirement of a group who is also fully committed to continued development and support for one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games out right now. ARIKA is keeping content coming as long as fans continue to support FEXL, and declared as much through this open dialogue. It’s refreshing to have that open honesty with a game studio that is working overtime to keep their pet project afloat, all at the fans’ request.

Support ARIKA and buy FEXL on PS4 or Steam. There is plenty of community to go around.

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