Bench Trial: Washington Justice v Paris Eternal, Stage 1 Week 5

Both the Justice and the Eternal have had their struggles this stage, as Paris initially came out with some strength but has struggled to consistently find wins as the Justice have shown glimpses of brilliance buried underneath severe mediocrity.

Starting Roster Predictions:

Washington Justice

  • Janus
  • Fahzix
  • Ado
  • Gido
  • Sansam
  • Corey

Paris Eternal

All the Frenchmen and a few others lol

Match Prediction:

Let’s be real about something, the DC Justice have not been very good this stage. In their map wins, there is usually a display of insane dominance, where they have these supreme runs of overwhelming, crushing force over their opponent, but it only lasts for one map. Obviously, that isn’t enough, and it’s typically only been on one type of map: Control. They’ve typically had no issue getting at least one point on an Assault map, but Escort has been, by far, their weakest performances. Having map specialties is fine and all, but you still need to be able to secure wins even on maps that simply aren’t your forte. It shouldn’t be particularly surprising that their best performances come on maps where you are rewarded most for being overly aggressive, as the Justice have routinely shown the willingness to push forward to the point- even in unfavorable situations. It would be commendable if it wasn’t for the fact that they tend to get outclassed very quickly at such a high level of play. Ultimate discipline has been a continuous problem for the team, with only really Janus and Corey having consistent solid moments and minimal wastes of them, either. Gido has, multiple times, wasted his ultimates in ways that have cost the team. Fahzix began the stage not doing so well, but has grown into a much more competent Lucio, and Sansam mains D.Va who will always bring you a mixed bag in the current meta with her ult.

Paris began this season looking like they’d easily make the playoffs, but their run of success hasn’t lasted. They currently sit 2-3 and have mostly performed at a level you’d expect from an expansion team in a young league- they typically aren’t crushed, but their numbers simply don’t add up to their competition, either. They don’t normally harbor a ton of surprises, but Seoul Dynasty also looked like a team that the Justice could nab a win off of, and they were thrashed pretty thoroughly by their near-perfect defensive play. Paris looks to be in a nearly identical position, and they stand to gain a .500 record with a win off the Justice, even if they don’t make the playoffs (which, at this point and their map differential, is all but impossible). They’re in a pretty prime spot to experiment and see what will work against an aggressive strategy, and DC needs a win.

It’s a battle of the underperformers with little on the line for this stage, but could be an opportunity to examine building blocks for the futures of their respective franchises. It would be good for the Justice to try to capitalize on an opportunity to get that win and regroup for stage two here and now. Or, technically, at 3PM EST.

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