Bench Trial: Washington Justice v Florida Mayhem, Stage 1 Week 5

This is it- the final match of Stage 1 for both the Mayhem and the Justice. These two teams have battled for a fight close to last place throughout the season, but only one can walk away the victor.

Starting Roster Predictions:

Washington Justice

  • Janus
  • Ado
  • Gido
  • Fahzix
  • Sansam
  • Corey

Florida Mayhem

  • Kris
  • Apply
  • Swon
  • BQB
  • Hagopeun
  • Xepher

Match Prediction:

Hoo boy. This match is cutting it razor close to a winless first stage for the Washington Justice. Realistically, the Justice have already had two opportunities to secure a win in the first stage: first against a weakened Seoul team, who opted to rely on a more defensive unit rather than ram aggressive offense against aggressive offense, and then the Paris Eternal, who squeaked a victory by the Justice just yesterday. It’s been tough, since the squad has clearly had communication and compatibility issues throughout the entirety of the season so far.

But things have been looking up recently. Almost every match has brought new experience to the team, and while they’ve certainly suffered their setbacks, their match against the Eternal illustrated that not much further tweaking would be needed to get that elusive first win. If the Justice can manage to rework enough of their play to be able to clinch the rounds like they need to, they may very well easily walk away the victor against a sadly putrid Mayhem team. Don’t let the surface stats fool you- the Mayhem have not had the same brutal competition that the Justice have faced so far in the season as an excuse. It’s not even close. The Mayhem have had many difficulties even remaining competitive at points in Stage 1, and despite having inferior opponents to the Justice, only have one victory with a map differential that is only one stage away from being the same.

Regardless, the Justice have quite a fair bit to lose in this situation. The LA Valiant were weirdly terrible themselves in this stage, and went completely winless. However, their map differential is much better than the Justice’s, so if the Justice lose this match, they will sit entirely in last place. Even if the Mayhem lose this match, they will still sit above the Valiant with their lone win in the stage. This will also determine if the Mayhem and Justice will swap places, as it will be near-impossible for the Justice to walk away and match the map differential if they win. Let’s hope the team secures this first win tonight.

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