ArK joins the DC Justice in a trade from NYXL

Despite the fact that DC Justice have been eliminated from playoff contention for awhile now, they haven’t given up on the rest of the season. In the first major move of their “offseason”, the Justice have acquired a valuable piece- one familiar to the informal captain of the team.

ArK is the newest addition to the Justice roster, in a trade announced via twitter earlier today. Both teams announced the move, but only the NYXL declared it as a “trade”. The details of the trade are not made readily available.


ArK’s stats from this season are not particularly great, but that’s only because he has received such limited playtime, only racking up just shy of 30 minutes of play throughout all of Stage 1, almost exclusively using Lucio. The reason for that limited playtime is simple- NYXL is an absolutely loaded squad, and ArK is simply too good to be consistently benching. NY wanted a return of some kind, and while it’s not known what it is,  it must have been worth it to the Excelsior. ArK will likely replace Fahzix on the roster come Stage 2, as Fahzix’ play has been consistently some of the lowest on the team for some time now (and, in fact, his mistakes nearly cost the team their first win yesterday). In addition to being a stellar support, ArK also has fantastic shot-calling abilities, which will hopefully help with the Justice’s known poor ultimate economy management.

What is rumored is that the Justice wanted ArK to begin with and NYXL was originally unwilling to part with him. Given how well NYXL has been playing without him, it was likely that they opted to cut the pay out and finally give him up as the Justice don’t currently comprise much of a threat to their standing in the ranks. Better to get something at little risk to yourself than let a valuable asset sit and all.

Regardless, this is a pretty huge pickup for the Justice. Janus and ArK both apparently love playing with each other, and both have been aching for a reunion, so this move should please all parties involved. Except maybe Fahzix.

Welcome to the Justice, ArK!

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