Soul Calibur VI to add Amy, Fighting Ex Layer to add Sharon soon

These are relatively old announcements to anyone who is on twitter, but over the past few days, two good games announced dates for their new content coming our way, and both are arriving a bit earlier than anticipated.

Amy has only appeared as a fighter in one Soul Calibur game so far, and she was mostly a Raphael clone with a smaller hurtbox (okay, not really, but she did have a plethora of limitations). In between all the new footage and some notable players getting some early access, it appears as though Amy has received some upgrades since Soul Calibur IV. On top of that good news is the announcement that she will be available on the 26th of this month, which is leagues faster than the agonizing wait we had to endure for 2B after her initial reveal. It would appear as though Project Soul hit fewer roadblocks in developing Amy than 2B. So, if you’re a frustrated Raph main who is tired of dealing with Project Soul’s Raph nerfs or the direction they seem to be taking with him, it might be worth your while to check out what Amy has to offer.

On the independent side of fighting games, we have ARIKA with the news that Sharon will be the next character to be released for Fighting EX Layer. Sharon was first revealed back in December alongside Area and Terry, and now ARIKA have announced that Sharon will be one of the free title update characters from their ongoing plan (Terry will likely be the paid DLC character that Nishitani had briefly discussed before).

As many times as I’ve spouted “#PlayFEXL” on twitter, I genuinely cannot stress how vital it is that ARIKA receives more support. Their generous transparency regarding their excellent old-school style fighting game is such a huge breath of fresh air in an industry where Capcom gets mad if you get upset that one DLC costume is like $7. Even if you remember disliking the Street Fighter EX series from so long ago, honestly, give this game a shot. It recently received its permanent price cut lowering its cost to only $40. It’s also more fun than Street Fighter V, and you still get that old school Capcom fighter type of feel from its gameplay. Seriously, ARIKA’s passion project needs as much support as it can get.

It’s a damn good time to be into fighting games.

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