SNK announce new Samurai Shodown character and NEOGEO collection at PAX East

SNK appear to have brought the ruckus to PAX East this year, having a playable demo of Samurai Shodown at the event and also holding a presentation earlier today, where they proceeded to announce a new character and a collection of SamSho titles coming out.

Not much is known just yet about Darli Dagger other than she is a pirate, and the fact the announcement only revealed character art would imply she isn’t quite finalized yet. Perhaps it’s due to a series of tweaks being implemented in the development cycle, or SNK has plans to reveal more about their newcomers in the game a little further down the line, but either way, a great new addition to the roster.

The other big announcement is that SNK is going to be releasing a collection of SamSho titles called the Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection. It will contain every SamSho game released for NEOGEO, from SS1 to SS5 Special. It will also be released on basically every modern platform- PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Thus far, no concrete release date has been announced, but the presentation revealed it’s intended to come out this Fall.

SNK went all out and detailed a lot of the development theory behind the latest SamSho, and also showcased a bunch of concept art and development updates that give some great insight into the design of the SamSho reboot. It’s greatly encouraged to give it a watch, and it’s been uploaded to YouTube so that those of us who were unable to watch it be livestreamed could watch the whole thing later. Be sure to give it a watch, and be on the lookout for Samurai Shodown come June.

All hail SNK.

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