Fight Money as part of the Capcom Pro Tour DLC has its negatives

Capcom tweeted earlier today during NorCal Regionals, outlining more of the benefits to purchasing the Capcom Pro Tour DLC this year, and it reminded me of something: there are some oddities worth mentioning about it.

So a number of players have been playing with the Kage and Sagat skins included in this bundle with for quite awhile now. After the Ring of Justice stage was showcased, it became part of this bundle as well, and there are a bunch of in-game titles included. There is also a set of new colors for all the S1-4 characters’ default costumes, and a couple of new profile themes as well.

The most telling part of this $20 DLC, however, is the inclusion of 10,000 Fight Money. Awhile back there was some concern about what was happening with Fight Money and its relation to real world cash. All that this DLC does is verify that Capcom sincerely doesn’t intend on players to be able to spend Fight Money to obtain anything in Street Fighter V. No, in order to be able to afford even a series of skins, you have to spend money- now in more ways than one, since the Fight Money reward opportunities continue to shrink. And the most depressing thing is that, with this DLC giving you 10,000 FM, is that 10,000 FM isn’t particularly much, either. Many of the available unlockable Story costumes cost 40,000 Fight Money just for one character. Not only will buying this DLC not even give you enough to get one of those, it’ll only get you a quarter of the way there.

Look, $20 DLC that supports a pot for the Capcom Pro Tour is good for the players going for it all. It supports the scene, and that is what is important here. It’s just sad and depressing that Capcom can’t even put in anything other than apparently the least minimal amount of effort to support it- at least when it comes to offering what amounts of breadcrumbs of virtual currency. If Capcom was really going to offer Fight Money as a reward, why bother offering something that wouldn’t unlock a single costume only available for purchase with Fight Money? Or a stage? It’s a fake currency- Capcom completely controls the amount and its effects on the digital economy in-game. If you’re shelling out $20 for a couple of costumes and a stage, and Capcom offers their fake currency as a bonus, why not at least sweeten the deal with its use? If you’re going to assign real world cash value to your fake currency, it should be a legitimate reward at the very least. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s just another misstep for the company.

And for extra fun, the link that’s supposed to detail the DLC on the Capcom Pro Tour page only brings back this:

cpt mistake

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