Opening Statements: Washington Justice v Toronto Defiant, Stage 2 Week 1

It’s finally here! The break is over and the Justice have made a series of moves! What are the odds the Justice will walk away winners of their Stage debut?

Starting Roster Predictions

Washington Justice

  • Janus
  • Sansam
  • Corey
  • ArK
  • Gido
  • Ado

Toronto Defiant

  • fuck if I know lol

Toronto was one of the best teams of Stage One, and the bulk of their roster remains in tact since then. Although they didn’t win Stage One, they did have convincing, consistent, and great gameplay throughout the entire stage. My point is, they’re a proven formidable foe with a ton of weapons and versatility.

The Justice were almost the opposite. In Stage One, the team frequently appeared disjointed and had inconsistent gameplay throughout the entire run, with only a few glimpses of brilliant spotted here and there. Even in their final match of the stage, they made multiple mistakes and almost allowed the Mayhem to complete a full comeback. However, the Justice have made multiple changes in the short break between Stages, releasing two of their coaches and signing ArK to the team. Hopefully, they have had enough time to scrim and practice to get that team chemistry synergy rolling against a proper good opponent.

Honestly, Justice fans should not expect a win here. This should be ArK’s debut and there will likely be some growing pains. Toronto Defiant remain an OWL badass, and it’s important that the squad get OWL experience against this caliber team. That is ultimately what is important at this point, since the Justice will still have time to refine and adjust their gameplay after this match. It’s just important to make the most of it while they have the chance (please don’t get 4-0’d).

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