Opening Statements: Atlanta Reign v Washington Justice, Stage 2 Week 2

The Justice continue to disappoint, but so do the Atlanta Reign. Which one holds the edge in the matchup where both teams are searching for their first Stage 2 win?

Projected Starters:

Washington Justice

  • Janus
  • Sansam
  • Corey
  • ArK
  • Gido
  • Ado

Atlanta Reign

  • babybay
  • frd
  • Pokpo
  • Masaa
  • Erster
  • Dogman

Match Prediction:

DC enters this match already in trouble: the Justice have struggled in both of their Week 1 matches, losing 1-3 in both of them and rarely looking cohesive enough to dent much of their opposition. Despite some better individual play and bolstering their roster with main support ArK, the Justice continue to struggle being able to clinch maps, Their once dominant performances on Control maps has dissipated entirely. They are visibly struggling and dejected on stage. It’s not a good time, even though they are playing more competitively as a whole. It’s just not enough to push them over the hump, as evidenced in their sweep at the mercy of the New York Excelsior. When up against a certain caliber of team, the Justice just can’t compete. Their only win has come against an abysmal Florida Mayhem squad, who also continue to struggle mightily on their own.

Meanwhile, there is no other team in Stage Two that has fallen from grace as hard as the Atlanta Reign. Despite still retaining a solid roster after losing dafran and even adding former San Francisco Shock babybay, Atlanta has yet to get a win and also suffered through getting swept themselves a week ago against the London Spitfire. Unlike the Justice, however, the Reign have at least remained mostly competitive- their other two losses were both Overtime losses going a full 5 map set. The differences are pretty stark, although one of those losses was to the LA Valiant, who were completely winless in Stage One. That had to hurt Atlanta’s pride a bit, but they’re likely to be anxious to get that first win in Stage Two today.

Both teams have a lot to play for and a lot to lose with a loss. Both are winless in Stage Two, both have played three matches already, and both are underperforming. One team will have to walk away the winner here, and despite their issues, it will probably be the Reign unless the Justice are finally able to come together and polish their execution. The current meta is still being felt out at the OWL level, but the Justice are running out of time. They have a chance to walk away victorious, but they will need a proper gameplan to do it.

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