Climax Of Night [re:run] announced at Michigan Masters and you should be excited

Michigan Masters took place over the weekend and there were plenty of fantastic antics all around to enjoy. The event had a ton of amazing games and even better players to showcase them. One of the highlights of the end was the announcement of possibly the biggest French Bread event: the return of Climax Of Night.

If you watched the event last year (or, better yet, attended it), you know how special this tournament is for people. UNIST has since become a much bigger name, but CoN was an integral reason for that. This event has helped bolster and foster a growing community around the developer French Bread, despite the few number of games the developer is responsible for. Shinobi, the event’s lead TO, lead the announcement with an accompanying video that certainly exudes that same energy:

This was one of my favorite events to watch last year, and I’m personally super-amped that it’s back. Michigan Masters itself had a ton of stellar UNIST play, and Climax will certainly showcase even more. If you’re able, be sure to head to the page and register for the Atlanta-based tournament. Can’t attend? Then help promote the event, financially support it, and make yourself look hella stylish by getting a t-shirt from the official teespring.

And be sure to follow the official twitter account for the event for the latest news and updates!

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