Opening Statements: LA Valiant v Washington Justice, Stage 2 Week 3

It’s a true battle of the disappointments, where the mightily struggling DC Justice take on a “home” match against the somehow almost equally awful LA Valiant. Who will emerge victorious?

Projected Starters

Washington Justice

  • Janus
  • Sansam
  • Corey
  • ArK
  • Gido
  • Ado

LA Valiant

  • Agilities
  • Fate
  • KSF
  • Izayaki
  • Space
  • Custa

Match Prediction

Stop me if this sounds like a rerun: both the Washington Justice and their opponent are struggling to make any real headway against opposition in Stage 2. The Justice opponent has been losing consistently against teams they traditionally don’t lose to, compiling a performance record as similarly awful as the Justice. Both teams desperately need the win, and one of them will have to walk away a winner. Familiar?

This match basically already happened this Stage. Hell, the LA Valiant have their only win of their entire season against the previous opponent of the Justice- the Atlanta Reign. That was a close match decided with an Overtime win with the Valiant squeaking out victory in the fifth map to take their only Stage 2 and season win. Things have not been going smoothly for the second LA based squad, although they clearly could be worse. Both teams only have one win in their season, but a weakened Atlanta Reign squad is still better opposition than the Florida Mayhem- the only win the Justice have been able to muster throughout this dreadful expansion season debut.

Although, it’s not exactly as though the Valiant suddenly started playing well, either. Their map differential sits at a -4, and rightfully stands at the 5th worst in the League outside of three at the bottom- the Justice, the Mayhem, and the Guangzho Charge, who have also been weirdly abysmal (and winless) to start their second Stage. DC has a chance to win here against a team who seems to find new ways to lose, but that’s a talent the Justice have been sharing all season as well. DC will need to be on point and do their homework against a team who is still fighting like mad dogs to be able to clinch a win. Both teams are already looking from the outside in in terms of playoff hopes, but pride is still on the line. If the Justice want to prove they can at least hang out in this League, they’ll need a start somewhere. Why not here?

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