NetherRealm Studios the latest developer enveloped in crunch controversies

Ever since the launch of Mortal Kombat 11, multiple people have come forward, particularly on twitter, to present accounts of horrid periods of crunch and questionable working conditions during their time at NRS. It would seem the FGC is not immune to subpar working conditions on the developer end.

PC Gamer earlier today published a very extensive detailing of numerous accounts of mistreatment and crunch at NetherRealm Studios, coming from multiple previous employees. The personal stories do not paint a particularly good image of working conditions there, including examples of sexism and blatantly detailing that crunch was going to be a mandated policy instead of the usual method of a company attempting to employ crunch on the quiet. Many of the accounts are near-uniform in nature, with various details matching up with the experiences of others to an uncanny degree despite being from multiple departments and employment positions.

To be honest, there isn’t much for me to add besides the condemnation of such practices. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t already read about the accounts to read them here, as the publication has done a great job at compiling many of them into a centralized location, and even have a few direct conversations from former devs who haven’t publicly spoken on twitter. It’s unfortunate that such bad PR has come out about a game that seems to be bringing in a whole bunch of new faces into the FGC, and bringing in a ton of interest to the scene at large, but these stories definitely took courage for people to speak out on. Many of these former devs might face industry blacklisting for speaking up about their work conditions while at NRS, which is also a shitty practice that, almost certainly, occurs regularly in the tech industry at large.

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