Shiki is latest character revealed for upcoming Samurai Shodown reboot

In this week’s edition of “holy fuck this game has so many cool women characters I want to main”, YouTube channel Game Goons did me an early birthday favor by revealing Samurai Shodown’s latest roster addition: Shiki.

Where do I even begin? The Samurai Shodown trailers are short, but pack plenty of action to decipher. Many of the game’s core mechanics are already known and even played, so the only question after is “how, exactly, will this character play out in the final version”, which won’t be known until we… y’know… play her.

In my opinion, it’s actually pretty surprising that Shiki was a chosen character to include in the reboot. Her only “real” appearance was in Samurai Shodown 64 and then a NeoGeo Pocket Color Shodown game. Other than that, she was included in the roster for SNK vs Capcom 1, a few other minor appearances, and then an “official” pachislot game in Japan. Not exactly a big resume.

Regardless, her trailer is absolutely hype. The only problem I’m having now is figuring out who the hell I’m going to main in this game, and if I’m going to have to drop grinding King of Fighters XIV in order to get better at this title. I guess only time will tell, but that time is coming soon.

(also, I realize that a trailer for Ukyo came out last week. I neglected to post about it [oops…] so here’s the trailer for that as well. Also hype.)

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