Opening Statements: Washington Justice v Boston Uprising, Stage 2 Week 5

Another day, another match against a team that is fighting for any hope of having a chance at Stage 2 playoffs. Can the Justice muster enough of an effort to walk away with one win this stage?

Projected Starters

Washington Justice

  • Janus
  • Sansam
  • Corey
  • ArK
  • Sleepy
  • Ado

Boston Uprising

  • Blase
  • Colourhex
  • Aimgod
  • Kellex
  • RCK
  • Fusions

Match Prediction

DC utterly dropped the ball two days ago (more like a day and a half, but I digress). After a horrid first half in which they tied a record round loss on Paris, the Justice recovered for a map before falling apart at the worst moments on Gibraltr and being sent home the losers of their second to last match of the stage. It was not a good moment for the squad as they wasted multiple opportunities to clinch a potential victory when they were actually playing well.

This time, the Justice are out of options- it’s either win this match, or submit to being one of a completely losing trio in the Florida Mayhem and Houston Outlaws (!!!) this stage. It should be note that if the Justice lose, they will have performed worse than the Mayhem (who own a bafflingly bad -15 map differential), but it’s literally impossible to be as bad as the Houston Outlaws this stage, who ended their run with a -20 map differential (!!!!!!!!). Nobody should feel comfortable at the prospect of only ending up second to last when you’re winless, though. For those wondering, the Justice sit at a -14 map differential at time of writing- it’s going to be a close call.

Washington is up against the wall, and Boston is not a light opponent. They’ve certainly had their struggles this stage, but they absolutely need a win if they want any hope at getting a spot in the playoffs. They’ll be aiming to get a sweep to get their best odds, and they’ll probably come out swinging to ensure they achieve that result. Even with a sweep, their map differential will be in the negatives- they have every incentive to play as hard as possible right now to try to make it into playoffs. If DC does not come prepared for that intensity, they’ll drop this match, and, in all likelihood, rank 19th in the standings once more- only this time, they’ll sport an 0-7 record to accompany it.

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