Samurai Shodown pre-orders and early adopters will get Season One pass for free

With the release of the Samurai Shodown reboot right around the corner, SNK took an opportunity to both release a new trailer and a spicy new bit of news: those who pre-order the game and all the early adopters will receive the Season One pass for free by registering the game by June 30th.

The trailer that SNK released goes into the history of Samurai Shodown a fair bit and explains the core mechanics of the game, also detailing how it’s a bit different from many other fighting games. There’s also a non-verbal introduction to several members of the roster, displaying some of their unique properties as well. At the end, the trailer makes special note of the fact that early adopters of the game get an entire season pass for getting the game early, providing a huge incentive to pre-order the title.

And for extra fun, last week, the XBox YouTube channel debuted their own trailer for Haohmaru (funnily enough, misspelled in the title card):

And for extra fun, SNK Japan has a special edition of the game that comes with a special bottle of sake.

Normally, I’m actually not okay with pre-orders or incentives. That is situational, however, since SNK does not have anywhere near the resources of its contemporaries, and server maintenance and continued support are expensive endeavors, even for fighting games. If there’s anything that can help SNK maintain the level of game quality that they’ve consistently delivered, pre-ordering the game is the bare minimum we can do as fans to support them.

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