On Joining Team YASE

Big news: I was extended an invitation to join the online good vibes crew at Team YASE, and I heartily accepted. What does this mean for this more personal blog? It could develop in a few different ways.

First things first: I didn’t hold true to my established commitment to blogging about the Washington Justice. After a few stages of the worst play in the Overwatch League, the team finally managed to turn it around after the introduction of role-locking to the game’s meta. Funnily enough, they wound up one of the best OWL teams in the final stage, but their previous horrendous record snuffed out any hope for playoff activities. Besides that, I’ve entirely lost my interest in watching or supporting OWL in any capacity.

In relation to fighting games, I didn’t want for this to simply be a news blog. However, most of my opinions on news and relevant developments have been better said on Twitter and elsewhere, mostly by other people more eloquent and well-established than myself. None of this means I’m done with this blog, necessarily- but I am definitely reevaluating my commitments to writing. Perhaps the best course of action here is to promise nothing, but simply write when I want and can. It might be best for me to simply post when I feel I have something to contribute, rather than feel obligated to contribute. This blog has been dead as of late for multiple reasons, but simply not having much relevant to say is a big negative when the point is to write.

Ultimately, what I want to focus on most is my progress as a player, my contributions as a teammate, and simply being a good person all around. I’m not entirely sure what all of this encompasses- whether it be more blog posts down the line, streaming on twitch/mixer, or making other content. But I’m certainly going to enjoy my time with my friends, my teammates, and my soon-to-be wife. It’s going to be a new experience, but it’s bound to be a fantastic one, whatever it may bring.

To the future ahead.

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