Who should be in Street Fighter V Champion Edition Season V?

A couple of days ago, Capcom announced via its website Capcom Unity that Street Fighter V would get a new and final season of characters. Setting aside the awful conditions regarding its costume contest (c’mon, pay artists, Capcom. It’s not that difficult), let’s talk about potential suitors for a new DLC season. Who should make the cut?

First, let me clarify something: I am not saying Street Fighter V has become a great game. There is still an entire mess of things wrong with it, but I think it’s somewhat exciting that there can be speculation on something that is an unintended event. It seems very likely that Capcom was going to release a preview of Street Fighter VI at EVO, or had plans to unveil it later this year and that things would fully shift towards that. With COVID-19 ruining the planet this year, however, things seem to have changed those plans. Strange things are afoot, so let’s just talk who would be interesting to see.


Honestly, I think it’s fairly surprising Makoto hasn’t already made it in. Despite getting a fair amount of screen time in Street Fighter III and Super Street Fighter IV, I don’t think she’s ever found a true light in a top tier competitive fashion like certain other characters (*cough* Yun/Elena *cough*) and she would fit right in with Ibuki, Alex, and Gill. She’s not an unpopular character pick, but she’s also not the scene’s favorite, which would make her inclusion a nice surprise for those who haven’t seen her around for awhile. Her unique movement and dash speeds would separate her from the pack, and her hard-hitting specials and grappling in combination would be cool to see make a comeback. After all, why not add more Street Fighter III to the roster?


C. Viper

Crimson Viper would likely fit in just as nicely as Makoto, but in different ways- rushdown is a great offensive set for the mechanics of SFV, and Viper was a great rushdown character in SFIV who never really got her full shine, in my opinion. She’s never really been fully fleshed out in the larger SF scene, and only showed up in SFIV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 before being shelved. There’s a lot of potential with her in the roster, even if she’s not the most… electric. (lul) Still, it’d be interesting to have her in the game now that there’s a realistic shot of the inclusion of unintended characters. She shows up in the story already, so why not make it official?



I’ll be real about this one: Skullomania is just a weird and fun character, has been in Street Fighter EX games, and would simply be a fun character to include in the roster. He’s instantly recognizable, and there isn’t much in the way of “joke” fun character representation in the current roster. He won’t revolutionize the game, but he’ll likely lighten the tone and add some desperately needed flavor.

fexl area


Oh, hey, another Fighting EX Layer character, it’s as if I really enjoy this game or something that has loose ties to Capcom. Hm. I was tempted to say that Sharon needed a spot, but another fireball character in the game didn’t seem like it made much sense and trying to work in her six shooter didn’t really line up with SFV’s offense methodology. Instead, I’d propose Area, a popular character in her own right, is very odd design, and has a nice variety of moves to pick from. She doesn’t quite have the same sort of appeal of Skullomania, but she’s cute and quirky with plenty to set her apart from the current roster. What’s to dislike about a girl with a mecha arm for combos?



Given that I just wrote about wanting the reinvigoration of Rival Schools, it shouldn’t be surprising that I’d want their shining star character in this game. Batsu might be a bit more conventional in terms of gameplay than other new characters, but bringing him in would go a long way to establish a sort of “Capcom-verse” that solidifies the connection these two series have. Right now, it’s very loose- Sakura is a playable character in Rival Schools, with Tiffany and other characters appearing in the backgrounds of certain stages such as Kanzuki Beach, but nothing really more than that. Including such a public and central character as Batsu would solidify that connection, and he’d bring a new sense of style to the roster that would fold in pretty easily without intruding on SFV’s established play.



I will readily admit that this is an even longer chance at ever happening, but Akira was such a fun character in Rival Schools and both her masked and unmasked versions look so fucking cool. Also her playstyle is ridiculously fun. Please include her in SFV. For me. Please.

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