A Brief Road Map to the next Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

It’s been two and a half years since the release of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and while it received some positive reviews overall, its distinct features left the community at large somewhat unimpressed. Yes, it was great to have an entire collection of different versions of each series, but the emulation for certain games was questionable (especially at launch) and there are features still missing from certain core titles. So, here’s some ideas on what certain fans (i.e. me) want from the next collection should Capcom release one in 2013.

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Breaking Barriers into Fighting Games when you enjoy Action Games

A number of times, I have seen people who are legitimately good and interested in action games and action game series decline to play fighting games because they “aren’t good enough” or “aren’t interested,” under the presumption that there are staggering differences between the two genres. Personally, I think the two genres are much more related than most give credit for until you study the similarities a bit more closely.

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Netplay is a core component to the future of fighting games

Netplay has been the subject of debate in the fighting game community since the internet became public. Arcades used to be the primary communication between players, but in 2020, the internet reigns supreme. As the days of a global pandemic trod on, adjustments to public events have only become more illuminating in how the success of fighting games hinges upon its netcode- a test that many games currently fail.
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The Importance of Emulation in the Age of a Pandemic

Not a fan of the recent Mortal Kombat 11 expansion? Find yourself reminiscing on some of the better days of Capcom? Emulation is readily available for you, and fighting games are readily available in multiple forms to play in training, arcade, and online against live foes. With most of the world still under some measure of quarantine, emulation has proved an important key to continue engaging in fighting games. Continue reading