EVO Japan was a mess, but still had plenty to offer

With the end of Sunday, EVO Japan will finally conclude the weekend festivities and the weekend was, frankly, an organizational mess. However, that did not stop plenty of competitors from delivering some dazzling play, and even featured some pretty great announcements to top it off. Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 6 pre-order antics annoy fans

On the official Dead Or Alive Facebook page, Tecmo Koei released a (not very friendly) chart that details the various pre-order incentives among the differing versions of the game. Perhaps the marketing team thought it would be a good idea to centralize the differences and put them in plain view. It has backfired. Whomever decided these incentives, the team has now earned the ire of virtually the entire fanbase by highlighting the ridiculous need for this clarification in the first place. Continue reading

Capcom’s North American 3v3 team series already has problems

Earlier this morning, Capcom posted information about the new, upcoming North American Street Fighter Pro League that starts its first wave in April. While the prospect of an official non-CPT 3v3 League should sound like an interesting project, Capcom’s version of the upcoming League already seems to have multiple warts that serve as a detriment to the experience for all involved. Continue reading

Capcom announces great Ryu skin for Street Fighter V, but nobody can afford it

Yesterday, Capcom took to Street Fighter’s official twitter to announce that a piece of a special crossover costume for Ryu was available via Extra Battle. The skin features Ryu dressed as Jin Saotome, the iconic Capcom character from Capcom’s Cyberbots series who is more well-known for his appearances in Capcom crossover fighting games than his lead series. However, there is an immediate problem Capcom has on its hands: many players are taking umbrage with the fact that they don’t have enough fight money to afford to fight for the first piece of it. Continue reading

Dragon Ball FighterZ is in an awkward competitive situation after another tournament cancellation

Arc System Works hit one hell of a home run after announcing and then successfully releasing one of the most popular fighting games of this generation: Dragon Ball FighterZ. With the awesome cel-shaded polish of Guilty Gear combined with the ease of access with autocombos, the game immediately hit its stride with the near-perfect balance of accessibility and tactical depth that even old veteran FGC members could appreciate. The game’s success has had its own hiccups, however, but none of them have anything to really do with the gameplay. Instead, it’s a party member not even actively involved with the game itself who is the problem, and it highlights an area in which was always bound to be an issue- the license holder of Dragon Ball is actively keeping the competitive scene from engaging in the product they paid for. Continue reading

Soul Calibur 6 is getting a patch, Bandai Namco reveals release date for 2B

Since getting revealed at the end of October this year, there has been a ton of hype and confusion about the date of the inclusion of 2B to the roster of Soul Calibur 6. Well, wonder no more! 2B has now been confirmed to be coming to the game on December 18th via Bandai Namco’s website.


Strangely enough, Bandai Namco didn’t add a new section to their site… they just edited the existing news page for it. Weird.

In other big news, there’s been a new patch revealed as well! The notes are not extremely detailed, but a quick look over should prepare players for what’s to come.

Continue reading