Rating Soul Calibur’s Best Character’s Costumes: Yoshimitsu

Did you think I forgot? Soul Calibur is also home to one of the greatest fighting game characters of all time, and while he’s technically an entirely separate character (both literally as a person and in terms of moveset), he’s still one of the most stylish figures in the cast. How good are the costumes for his other 3D fighting game counterpart? Continue reading

Rating Tekken’s Best Character’s Costumes: Yoshimitsu

Tekken is home to some of fighting games’ most interesting characters, and Yoshimitsu ranks highly amongst them for me. Yoshimitsu is one of the series’ most iconic characters despite largely being story-irrelevant, and he also has some of the games’ best (and weirdest) costumes. Let’s rate them. Continue reading

Ehrgeiz is a broken, old mess… and it’s fantastic

Recently, I’ve been reliving an old piece of my childhood: an old PSOne 3D fighting game that served as a collaboration between Namco and Squaresoft titled “Ehrgeiz”. It originally released in arcades in 1998, and it’s broken, has multiple bugs and glitches, and even reuses a whole slew of animations from Namco’s Tekken series of games. It’s an amazing example of a classic Good Bad game. Continue reading

How soon is too soon for a new game in a fighting game series?

Happy New Year! Today marks the dawn of a new year- the year of 2019- and I was instantly reminded of the insanely hype promo SNK released last year for the upcoming Samurai Spirits/Shodown title, which is due this year. SNK also held a meeting with investors, showing that the company also intends to release a new King of Fighters title sometime in 2020, though this has not been confirmed to be a solidified release date, appearing instead to be the more target date of release rather that a full committal. This got me thinking… it has only been a few years since the release of the last King of Fighters title. Is it too soon to be thinking of releasing another? Continue reading

Dragon Ball FighterZ is in an awkward competitive situation after another tournament cancellation

Arc System Works hit one hell of a home run after announcing and then successfully releasing one of the most popular fighting games of this generation: Dragon Ball FighterZ. With the awesome cel-shaded polish of Guilty Gear combined with the ease of access with autocombos, the game immediately hit its stride with the near-perfect balance of accessibility and tactical depth that even old veteran FGC members could appreciate. The game’s success has had its own hiccups, however, but none of them have anything to really do with the gameplay. Instead, it’s a party member not even actively involved with the game itself who is the problem, and it highlights an area in which was always bound to be an issue- the license holder of Dragon Ball is actively keeping the competitive scene from engaging in the product they paid for. Continue reading

Soul Calibur 6 is getting a patch, Bandai Namco reveals release date for 2B

Since getting revealed at the end of October this year, there has been a ton of hype and confusion about the date of the inclusion of 2B to the roster of Soul Calibur 6. Well, wonder no more! 2B has now been confirmed to be coming to the game on December 18th via Bandai Namco’s website.


Strangely enough, Bandai Namco didn’t add a new section to their site… they just edited the existing news page for it. Weird.

In other big news, there’s been a new patch revealed as well! The notes are not extremely detailed, but a quick look over should prepare players for what’s to come.

Continue reading