Review of Mother/Mazâ (2020)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Netflix has become a larger venue of releasing films outside of theaters. More recently, that has included I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, one of my favorites of the year thus far. This has also given window to a number of Netflix exclusive films to come out with a bit more attention to them, including this one, titled Mother and directed by Tatsushi Ohmori. Given how the year has shaped up, it’s been a prime window for films to get an online release and receive plenty of attention, so how does this hold up?

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Review of “Enola Holmes”

In what is the first in an establishment series of films for Netflix, a combination of new and old comes forth to deliver a frustrating polarizing experience that leaves much to be desired. But in what ways, and where are the mistakes this film made that perhaps can pave the path forward?

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Review of “Song Without a Name”

Song Without a Name (Canción sin nombre) had its debut at numerous film fests throughout the second half of 2019, and finally became available for me to watch fairly recently. Despite hearing some positive buzz about it, I deliberately attempted to view this film as blind as possible: only knowing that it was set in 1988 Peru during a huge time of political turmoil, and the disappearance of the main character’s newborn child. What was it that gave such positive hype to those who have seen it? I wanted to know. And now I have a multitude of my own thoughts. Continue reading