Samurai Shodown pre-orders and early adopters will get Season One pass for free

With the release of the Samurai Shodown reboot right around the corner, SNK took an opportunity to both release a new trailer and a spicy new bit of news: those who pre-order the game and all the early adopters will receive the Season One pass for free by registering the game by June 30th. Continue reading

Dead Or Alive 6 pre-order antics annoy fans

On the official Dead Or Alive Facebook page, Tecmo Koei released a (not very friendly) chart that details the various pre-order incentives among the differing versions of the game. Perhaps the marketing team thought it would be a good idea to centralize the differences and put them in plain view. It has backfired. Whomever decided these incentives, the team has now earned the ire of virtually the entire fanbase by highlighting the ridiculous need for this clarification in the first place. Continue reading